Thriving Family

Have you heard of Thriving Family? It’s a great parenting resource put out by Focus on the Family. It’s a high quality, bi-monthly, 60ish page magazine. The best part is – It’s Free! Follow this link to subscribe: Thriving Family Free Subscription

You can also find much of their content online here: I’m kind of old school though – I still like lots of physical magazines floating around the house.

If you’re anything like me, you are well aware that you need all of the advice you can get. So, why not take advantage of this regular collection of insight from many faithful folks who are on this journey too?

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One Response to Thriving Family

  1. Mary says:

    Focus on the family is a great resource! I listen to their broadcasts frequently and I find them to be a great encouragement to my marriage, and to our future plans.

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