A Daddy Song

What are your favourite Daddy songs? Or Mommy songs? What songs encourage and/or challenge you as you parent the little ones entrusted to your care?

Watching You by Rodney Atkins.

Have you heard it? Even if country music is a burr in your saddle, I have a hard time imagining you not appreciating this song. I’ve loved it since the day I heard it. It’s my favourite. And it’s going to be pretty hard to beat.

I don’t have any little boys of my own. Not yet. Hopefully some day. Regardless of boys or girls, I’m know my kids will pick up a lot of stuff from me. It’s crazy how shaped we are by our early childhood experiences, in ways we have no idea about. I have no doubt that my kids will pick up bad habits and attitudes from me as they grow up. That’s a sobering thought. And as we see with this youngster and his dad, I pray that by watching me my kids will also pick up want it means to know and follow Jesus.

What are your favourite parent themed songs? Please share by posting a comment! In the weeks to come, I’m going to be looking for more good tunes of the sort, and I’ll be posting them.

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2 Responses to A Daddy Song

  1. chanjcm says:

    There’s a lot I like… here’s a few of them. And yeah, I’m a bit of a country music fan I guess… 🙂

    Cat’s in the Cradle – I enjoy most versions of it
    The Only Way He Knew How – High Valley
    Just the Two of Us – Will Smith
    He Didn’t Have to Be – Brad Paisley
    Welcome Home You – Brian Littrell
    You Can Let Go Now Daddy – Crystal Shawanda
    Don’t Miss Your Life – Phil Vassar


  2. Kelly says:

    Ryan, I love that song as well. I get tears when I sing/hear it. We have a video of Travis & Eric singing it together, it’s fun to watch it.
    I also love: Brad Paisley “Anything Like Me”, we used this song in a slideshow after the little boys were born. It also brings tears to my eyes, but that could be because I now associate this song with the emotional event of having the boys!

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