Gross Out Your Kids

I came across this while snooping through my wife’s pinterest feed. It’s funny because it’s true.


This image comes from a blog entitled To Honor, Love and Vacuum.

I remember as a kid that my dad would come home from work, and when he walked into the house, often the first thing he’d do is give my mom a big squeeze. Sometimes this was accompanied by a smooch.

I remember this well. As a 10 year old, I found it to be rather disgusting.

My parents always said, “We want you guys to know that we love each other.” Not only did they tell us… they showed us. Yuck.

But, I always knew. Indeed I did see them get frustrated with one another and argue from time to time… but I don’t remember ever doubting that they loved each other. I’m sure that the daily big squeeze played a significant role in imprinting in my mind their commitment to one another. I believe that this developed a sub-conscious sense of security and confidence in us as kids. We were benefiting from this without even realizing it. Even though it grossed me out, it certainly made for a healthier family.

So, go for it… gross your kids out. Within reason of course – we don’t want to scar them. Just show them a bit of P.D.A…. or I guess in this case its a Family Display of Affection. As the caption says, this is part of being great parents. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it… see if you can induce some comments of disgust from your youngsters!

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One Response to Gross Out Your Kids

  1. Pattti says:

    Right on man – my parents never showed affection in front of us kids and my in law parents said affection was not meant for public display! Why not like you said…..

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