Life is Fragile

Life is fragile.

In the midst of our hectic lives we forget how delicate it really is. Life is a gift from God that we must cherish.

Please take the time to read this fantastic bog: Life is Fragile. This was a timely reminder that I really appreciated this morning – and I’d like to pass it on to you!

This post is written by Carole Wheaton. Carole is a friend from the left coast who shares her thoughts regularly at ‘itsawonderfilledlife’. I find her blogging to be inspiring, challenging and encouraging. It would be worth your while to follow her writing on a regular basis!

Life is Fragile


March 18, 2013 by itsawonderfilledlife

As I write this post my fatigue has tossed my adrenalin into the sea of forgetfulness.

I am sitting on an airplane, just one hour from my southeast destination, and almost seven from when I boarded a plane with two of my children, in the Pacific Northwest.

I have personally had only about an hours rest in the past twenty-four hours, and I am weary beyond words.

My daughter and son have finally found rest … One slumped over at the window, and the other weighing heavily on my shoulder.

As the adrenalin has faded away, as planning and packing and preparations have given way to fulfillment of our plans, my thoughts have turned to how very fragile life is.

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