Does it Get Much Better Than…?


Does it get much better than…

  • hearing the pitter patter of little feet race to the door the moment you step in from work?
  • listening to the rapid and undiscernable 5 minute ramble of the day’s events gush from your toddler as she greets your return?
  • hearing her recite the latest animal sound she has mastered?
  • watching the unquenchable sweetness of your daughter manifest itself in saying a polite but urgent “bye…. bye!’ to excrement as it is flushed down the toilet?
  • feeling the love of an entirely unprompted “kissy” planted on your cheek?
  • hearing your little girl laugh uncontrollably as you push her in the swing?
  • being alarmed by the ways your little one is already copying your behaviour  with precision?
  • wrapping a beautiful wife, daughter and an “on the way” little one into your arms in one, big, family hug?

These are moments of pure joy. Children are a blessing from God; a sign of His grace to us.

There are certainly moments where being a parent isn’t so delightful, but they do pale in comparison to the delight that kids bring. We certainly have our days… and I know full well that the day is coming when rather than a cool, “buckets-of-fun” dad, my kids will think I am that weird old guy. So, for now, I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. And I truly do believe, children are a gift from God.

So, what about you? When you think of parenting, how would you finish the statement: Does it get much better than…?

I’d love to hear from you. Just one line. It’ll take less than a minute. In what ways do your kids bring you joy? Does it get much better than…?

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5 Responses to Does it Get Much Better Than…?

  1. gail says:

    Does it get much better than seeing your children weep in the presence of God!
    A joy you can look forward to:)

  2. Carol says:

    than….. witnessing your children raise their children in God-fearing homes, and now seeing grandchildren answering God’s call in their lives to share his love in missions.

  3. Ryan Jantzi says:

    I give a hearty “amen!” to your statements, Carol and Gail.
    I pray that I one day will experience what you speak of. It really doesn’t get much better than that. My first glimpses are a little girl who reaches out to hold our hands at meal time when we say its time to pray, and then exclaims “Amen!” when we finish. This is a delight, and I pray the first steps to her enjoying and following her Creator.

  4. Than … seeing and hearing them love each other, delight with each other, ache for each other, laugh with each other, build each other up. They are my creations … I suppose God would say something similar of us when He sees and hears us doing the same with each other.

  5. Jessica says:

    As I only have a 9 month old, so far some of the best moments are hearing her laugh, having her put her sleepy head down on my shoulder, having her reach for me and watching her learn new things (on a daily basis). So fun!

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