You Need a Password!

passwordDo you have a password with your kids?

If not, you need one.

The idea is that if a stranger should ever come to your kids saying they have an important message from mom and dad, before complying the kids ask for the special password. If the message is from mom or dad, they will have given the stranger the password to verify that it’s authenticity.

Some examples of situations where this might be the case: If someone was at the door and said “Your dad told you to let me in so that I can fix the furnace.” Or, “I work with your mom and she got held up so she told me to come give you kids a ride home from school.”  These situations could very well be honest scenarios. They could also be ploys used to get access to children by people with wicked motives.

The password could be a simple as “grandma’s house” or “ice cream” or “Samuel de Champlain”.

I’ve heard this advice before, but never thought too much of it. I don’t yet have kids at this stage where it is necessary. But, that’s not too many years down the road, so I’m really glad I came across the article below. It was an alarming reminder of how a simple little plan can truly save a kid’s life.

This is a  basic practice that could save your family from a world of hurt. Such was the case recently for a family in Ajax, Ontario.

The article is brief. It truly is a good news story. Give it a read, and make a password with your kids!

Ajax schoolgirl uses code word to outwit potential abductor in ‘textbook example’ of street proofing

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National Post Staff | 13/03/21 | Last Updated: 13/03/21 12:41 PM ET

A man tried to lure the 10-year-old into his car outside Applecroft Public School in Ajax, police said

A man tried to lure the 10-year-old into his car outside Applecroft Public School in Ajax, police said

A 10-year-old girl who outwitted two potential abductors by asking them for a secret code word has been praised by police for her quick thinking.

The girl was approached on Monday outside Applecroft Public School in Ajax, Ont., by a strange man trying to lure her into his car. The man, who was accompanied by a woman sitting in the passenger seat, claimed the girl’s mother had sent him to pick her up.

The girl and her family had established a secret password to be used as proof a person was really sent by her parents.

“She asked this person what the code word was and obviously they got it wrong,” Dave Mason of Durham Regional Police told CTV. “She told them ‘You got the code word wrong’ and that person left.”

Police have advised parents to make a family code word in case of emergency as way of ‘street proofing’ their children.

The girl told police the man was driving a small, blue-grey two-door sedan with a noticeable dent on the rear bumper to the left of the license plate. Police are looking for a white, unshaven man wearing a grey hat, blue scarf and green jacket with red and black high-top sneakers.

They’re also seeking a woman who sat in the car’s passenger seat, described as white and in her late teens or early 20s, with long, blonde hair and a purple and pink hat.

“This is a textbook example of a little girl who knew what to do. She didn’t panic, she figured it out pretty quickly and she went to get help,” Dave Selby, director of communications for Durham Police told Citytv news.

Police are asking anyone with a tip to call them directly.

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One Response to You Need a Password!

  1. Loved this reminder Ryan! We also had a code for the kids to get out of uncomfortable situations without embarrassment. If they were ever in a situation that made them uncomfortable (being at someone’s house where they didn’t feel safe, movies or video games being utilized that they knew they should not watch, unsafe situations at parties, etc) they can (and do) call us, say their stomach is really hurting and we come pick them up, no questions asked. Nothing like the possibility of vomit to make a quick escape socially acceptable. All of our kids have used this from time to time!

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