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Daddy Song #5 – ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Randy Carlisle

Do you remember this oldie? ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Randy Carlisle One of my favourite parts of the day is tucking my daughter into bed at night. It is these tender moments of love that I pray will instill in her … Continue reading

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What to do with Halloween?

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Followers of Jesus really wrestle with what to do about Halloween.  Here are two fantastic articles I have recently come across. It might be too late for this to influence your Halloween plans for this year, but hopefully it can … Continue reading

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Praying for Elmo: A Rediscovery of Childlike Faith

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Recently my prayer life has entered previously uninhabited territory. I’ve begun to pray for Elmo. My work as a pastor involves leading in a thoughtful, discerning and prophetic role. A significant aspect of my ministry is to invite folks into careful and … Continue reading

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More Than ‘Be Ye Kind’

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The other evening I was reading a book to my daughter. It was entitled Little Book of Bible Verses. It is a lovely book; full of beautiful illustrations and Bible verses with a few comments and questions about those verses. As I … Continue reading

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You Need a Password!

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Do you have a password with your kids? If not, you need one. The idea is that if a stranger should ever come to your kids saying they have an important message from mom and dad, before complying the kids … Continue reading

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